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Summary of Questions:

What is Digital Presence For All?

AEO and GoDaddy are teaming up to provide a premium digital marketing curriculum and expert support and services to business owners around the United States. Selected AEO member organizations will receive a $10,000 grant to implement this program in their local markets and receive GoDaddy content and coaching. In addition, AEO and GoDaddy will provide technical support. Access to the curriculum and additional services will be available for 12 months, but organizations have the option of customizing the use of the materials as they see fit. 

How can I participate? 

We are looking to partner with 25 organizations selected via application process. To participate, you must be an AEO premium member. To become a premium member, please click here.  

To apply, click here. Applications are due by March 15th, 2019.  

What is required from my organization to participate? 

Participating organizations should:

  1. Ensure a minimum of 50 small business owners complete the digital marketing program utilizing the materials provided through the Digital Presence for All partnership. It is to the organization’s discretion to tailor the provided curriculum to the needs of those they are servicing; if selected, AEO and GoDaddy will work with your organization to identify the needs and the best way to line-up your course curriculum. Organizations should utilize a minimum of 3 topics provided in the full curriculum
  2. Collect and report to AEO, qualitative and quantitative feedback. This could be in the form but not limited to surveys, interviews, data collection and research
  3. Collect standard feedback regarding program participants
  4. Appoint a Project Coordinator who can attend the following:
    1. An in-person convening on April 17, 2019. Travel costs will be included as part of the partnership
    2. Monthly conference call check-ins
    3. An in-person convening at the close of the program


(Please note that the program kicks off for business owners during the summer vacation months, you’ll want to keep that in mind when selecting the PC)

What is the curriculum? 

As part of the Digital Presence For All partnership, organizations will be given a curriculum with supporting tools to implement this program in their local markets. The curriculum consists of pre-recorded webinars, PowerPoint presentations, worksheets, and facilitator guides. 

Curriculum topics include:

  1. Branding and Your Domain Name: choosing the right domain name and defining your brand
  2. Evaluating Your Business: pitching business and marketing plans
  3. Creating the Right Content: crafting the right messaging for your website and social media
  4. Building a Website and Getting Online: digging in and getting a website live
  5. Getting Found - SEO: learn how to boost your site’s search rankings
  6. Social Media: creating shareable and relevant content
  7. Marketing and Reaching Your Customers: learning different tried and true marketing practices
  8. E-Commerce: selling products online and building an e-store
  9. Pitch Night: the culmination of a lot of hard work. Entrepreneurs pitch their business to a local audience.


It is to the organization’s discretion to tailor the provided curriculum to the needs of those they are servicing; if selected, AEO and GoDaddy will work with your organization to identify the needs and the best way to line-up your course curriculum. At minimum we request that organizations use a minimum of 3 topics. 

Can we use our branding when marketing the curriculum?

Yes. We encourage the use of your branding along side the Digital Presence For All branding. 

What does the time commitment look like for entrepreneurs going through the program?

The full curriculum covers eight topics. Each topic consists of a one hour class time with one hour of homework. The minimum time commitment for small business owners would be 6 hours (3 class modules).  If organizations decided to provide all content to their recruited small business owners, this would be a commitment of 16-18 hours (8 classes covering different topics plus a pitch night). 

Following the completion of the program. GoDaddy and AEO may follow up with the small business owner to support evaluation and to gain insight into program impact. However this will be a concise time commitment.  

What support and materials are provided through this partnership? 

Each participant will receive the following tools through the program to ensure success and sustainability:

  1. Customized and packaged existing assets: curriculum, PowerPoint, customized homework assignments, webinars, blogs and videos pertaining to course curriculum, a hosting platform to disseminate the curriculum to participating small business owners
  2. GoDaddy products (in-kind) to establish their online presence
  3. Expert knowledge access to GoDaddy’s subject matter experts
  4. Program marketing and support materials, and guidance from AEO and GoDaddy
  5. $10,000 in grant funding covering program operational costs

How many micro-businesses do I need to reach? 

Each organization should recruit as many as needed to graduate a minimum of 50 small business owners.

What are the time parameters for the partnership?

The formal partnership between AEO, GoDaddy and selected organizations will run from April 2019 through late July 2020. However, organizations are free to organize their engagement with the 50 entrepreneurs as appropriate. This means courses could run as one large class over a select period of time or in cohorts models over a series of weeks or months. 


How are the grant funds distributed?

Grants funds will be distributed in two segments. 50% of the grant will be distributed at the onset of the partnership, with the final 50% distributed upon graduating 50 small business owners through the digital marketing curriculum. 


What are the grant reporting requirements?

There are baseline requirements for data collection and insight gathering. This includes qualitative and quantitative metrics on the participation and performance of the micro business owners enrolled in the course.


Now Accepting Applications Through March 22nd


Apply Now