Report Emphasizes Well-Being Initiatives For Small Businesses

A report by Xero highlights the neglect of mental health and well-being among small business owners. Xero conducted research on small business owners globally and found that they reported lower levels of life satisfaction compared to the general population. The study identified key factors affecting well-being, including macroeconomic and financial distress, stress management, prioritizing recovery, fulfilling work, and access to support. 

Xero suggests implementing holistic strategies that go beyond financial metrics, training and upskilling to manage financial hardships, prioritizing stress management and work-life balance, and making counseling more accessible for small business owners. By addressing these issues, small business owners can improve their overall success and well-being.

Source: Benefits Pro


NYC Food Delivery Gig Economy Workers See Minimum Wage Win

New York City gig economy workers in the food delivery sector have achieved a significant win with the announcement of a new minimum wage of $17.96 per hour, set to take effect on July 12th, 2023, and increase to $19.96 by April 1st, 2025. This new rate represents a substantial increase from the current minimum wage of $7.09 per hour and will nearly triple the base pay for over 60,000 food delivery workers in the city, with yearly raises adjusted for inflation. The victory has been hailed by worker advocacy groups, who emphasize that this wage increase is long overdue and will enable delivery workers to better support themselves and their families. However, they remain vigilant against potential attempts by delivery app corporations to undermine these gains through tactics like reducing hours or orders or exploiting loopholes.

Source: The Verge


eBay and Techstars Launch Accelerator Program For E-commerce Startups

eBay and Techstars have joined forces to launch an accelerator program called Techstars Future of E-commerce powered by eBay. The initiative aims to support startups working on innovative technologies that will shape the future of e-commerce. This collaboration between eBay and Techstars, combining eBay’s dedication to promoting innovation and Techstars’ successful accelerator model, offers startups and small businesses in the e-commerce sector opportunities to stay ahead of emerging trends and techniques. Applications are open until July 5, 2023.

Source: Small Business Trends