White House Announces Efforts to Close Gender and Racial Pay Gaps on Equal Pay Day 

On Equal Pay Day (March 15), President Biden announced a series of steps to close gender and racial pay gaps. The new rules will include banning prior salary history in federal workforce hiring. 

Source: CNN.com  


VISA Plans to Lower Merchant Fees for Small Businesses Starting in April 

VISA plans to lower credit card “swipe” fees for in-store and online transactions by 10% for small businesses starting in April. This move comes as more consumers switch to digital payments due to the pandemic. 

Source: US News and World Report 


Chicago Small Business Owners Thrilled for Normal St. Patrick’s Day

Chicago small businesses are looking forward to a normal St. Patrick’s Day weekend. After two years of the pandemic, business owners are hopeful that revelers will spend big during the festivities.

Source: CBS News Chicago


Key Advice for Small Businesses That Invest in Stocks 

Small businesses owners can invest in stocks for their company as a potential revenue source. However, there are inherent risks and special considerations to be aware of depending on the type of business and its investment goals. 

Source: The Balance 


Small Businesses Offer Aid to Ukraine During Crisis 

U.S. businesses, of all sizes, are finding ways to support Ukraine and its refugees as the conflict in that country continues. This includes fundraisers and donating profits from their products to charities focused on helping those in need. 

Source: Action 10 News – Corpus Christi