Consumers Plan More Holiday Spending at Small Businesses Despite Economic Uncertainty  

The new Intuit Quickbooks Holiday Survey reveals that eight out of ten shoppers plan to spend more at small businesses this holiday season. That is due to concern for the businesses’ survival and to help boost local economies.   

Source: Quickbooks Blog  


Diwali Gains Popularity as a Mainstream Holiday Thanks to South Asian Small Businesses  

More large brands and retailers are offering Diwali-themed merchandise as the holiday gains popularity across the country. That’s largely due to the fast-growing Asian American population and South Asian small businesses that have pioneered offering products connected to the holiday.  



New York City Mayor Signs Two Bills to Help Local Small Businesses  

Mayor Eric Adams signed two bills into law to help the economic recovery of New York City-based small businesses. One will create a “one-stop” digital clearinghouse for resources and permits needed to operate a business. The second will create a standardized tracking method for vacant commercial properties in the city.  



Cannabis Tax Will Help Fund Denver-Based Minority-Owned Businesses  

A new proposed fund will utilize one percent of Denver’s cannabis tax to help generate $ 4 million in funding for minority-owned businesses. The fund aims to create a pipeline of opportunities for entrepreneurs and job seekers in the city.  



The Benefits of Going Live on Video for Small Businesses  

Creating live video content for social media is an excellent way for small businesses to connect with new customers. Global revenue from live video is expected to reach $184 billion by 2028.  

Source: Small Business Trends