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Source: AEO Government Relations Team, Madison Services Group

Appropriations Watch: Next Steps

Last week, the President signed a short-term continuing appropriations resolution (CR) to fund the government through December 22, designed to give Congressional appropriators time to negotiate funding for the balance of FY 2018. Congressional GOP leadership must now decide whether to negotiate an FY 2018 omnibus with Democrats — who want increases in domestic spending to match any defense funding bumps — to gain the eight votes needed to pass the bill in the Senate. House Republicans are considering a defense CRomnibus — a bill that would fund defense for the remainder of FY 2018 with the remainder of the federal government operating on a CR — which Democrats strongly oppose. The other option is to punt the issue into January with another short-term CR.  

Tax Reform: Public Hearing on Wednesday

On Friday, the House Ways & Means Chair announced an open conference meeting on the “Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.” Scheduled for Wednesday, this will be the first meeting of the conference committee tasked with reconciling the House and Senate tax bills. You can find a list of conferees here.  


Today @ 9:30 a.m.: House Small Business Committee (Field Hearing) - "Bridging the Entrepreneurial Gap: Addressing Barriers to Small Business Formation and Growth." Room 209 of the Village of Deerfield Hall, 850 Waukegan Road, Deerfield, IL.

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