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Source: AEO Government Relations Team, Madison Services Group

Appropriations Watch: Day IV 

A moving target, the plan for federal funding beyond the current continuing resolution (CR) expiration deadline, which is tomorrow, has once again been altered by House GOP leaders. The most recently released plan would maintain government funding at FY 2017 levels through January 19, 2018, delaying cuts to defense and non-defense spending. The plan has a few extra provisions including:

  • Extra funds for Pentagon expenses and health programs
  • $2.85 billion to maintain the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) through March, with some conditions
  • Extension of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act through January 19

The plan also includes a waiver for a spending cut trigger referred to as PAYGO (“pay as you go”). This provision would waive the automatic cuts to some mandatory federal programs, which have kicked in due to the deficit impact from the tax bill that was passed this week. 

The House Rules Committee will meet today on the matter before a House floor vote expected later this afternoon. The House will hold a separate vote on an $81 billion package to assist disaster recovery.

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