Thank you!

Thank you to each and every donor who gave to the Black Florist Fund. Your donations provided the necessary funds these diverse small businesses are using to upgrade their technology, digital tools, inventory, and payroll.

Your generous donations also provided grant recipients the opportunity to invest in business expansion, marketing and to help their businesses thrive! At this time, all funds available have been awarded to five amazing florists!

Finally, thank you to those of you who shared this Black Florist Fund with your friends, family and social networks! You helped more than you know!

– Asrai Garden & The Association for Enterprise Opportunity (AEO)

About The Black Florist Fund


Asrai Garden, a Chicago-based floral and lifestyle brand, in partnership with the Association for Enterprise Opportunity (AEO), launched the Black Florist Fund, a fund to provide capital grants to for-profit Black florists across the U.S.