U.S. Senate Committee on Small Business & Entrepreneurship

Testimony of Connie Evans on behalf of AEO regarding the Re-Authorization of the SBA’s Access to Capital Programs – April 3, 2019

AEO is leading the charge of championing microbusiness interests in the halls of government.

Representing 91% of all businesses, microbusinesses are vital to the health of the U.S. economy. AEO’s policy agenda focuses on the development of strong and effective microbusiness initiatives to assist underserved entrepreneurs in starting, stabilizing, and expanding their businesses.

On behalf of our members, we work closely with policymakers at the national level on Capitol Hill and in the Administration to ensure the availability of capital and technical assistance to entrepreneurs around the country. We also collaborate with state microenterprise associations, local agencies and other industry stakeholders on our advocacy efforts.

Click below to learn more about the tenets of our advocacy agenda. For an overview of AEO’s 25+ years of advocacy achievements, click here.

Why It’s Important

Staying informed about topics that impact microbusiness – directly and indirectly – is an essential part of contributing to their success. As the Voice of Microbusiness, it is our responsibility to ensure your voice is heard.

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Policy News

Policy News – February 23, 2024

In The States Legislatures in various U.S. states are currently deliberating on more than 400 bills related to artificial intelligence (AI), placing a notable emphasis on the regulation of deep fakes. This surge in legislative engagement is a response to the swift...

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Policy News – February 15, 2024

In The States California is expanding its commitment to AI innovation through the introduction of Senate Bill 1047. This proposal aims to establish CalCompute, a public cloud computing cluster designed to facilitate AI development for entrepreneurs and startups,...

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Policy News – February 8, 2024

In The States The annual report was submitted to Governor Kay Ivey by the Alabama Workforce Council, providing an overview of workforce achievements in 2023 and suggesting policies to enhance workforce development. The report details the state's progress toward the...

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Policy News – February 1, 2024

In The States Governor Jim Pillen (R) has unveiled unprecedented state investments totaling over $234 million for Omaha, Nebraska's largest city. The announcement introduces the North and South Omaha Recovery Grant Program, a strategic initiative under the Economic...

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Policy News – January 25, 2024

In The States The Texas labor market achieved unprecedented heights in 2023, according to the Texas Workforce Commission. In December, the seasonally adjusted job count surpassed 14 million, marking the 27th consecutive month of record-setting employment. Notably,...

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Policy News – January 18, 2024

In The States Massachusetts Governor Maura Healey (D) has unveiled a collaborative effort between two state offices aimed at reactivating statewide contracts, thereby increasing opportunities for a variety of small and diverse businesses. Under the leadership of...

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