Support Black Florists and Black Flower Farmers Today

Asrai Garden, a Chicago-based floral and lifestyle brand, in partnership with the Association for Enterprise Opportunity (AEO), has launched the Black Florist Fund, a multi-million-dollar fund to provide capital grants to for-profit Black florists and Black flower farmers across the U.S.  

The Covid-19 pandemic and systematic racism has created unnecessary barriers to gaining equity and getting access to capital for many Black entrepreneurs in the floral industry. The Black Florist Fund hopes to balance this inequity and provide valuable financial support to help Black-owned floral businesses grow and scale. 

Please show your support for Black florists and Black flower farmers by donating using the form below. 

DISCLAIMER: The inaugural fund for the Black Florist Fund is $1MM. If the $1MM is not fundraised, AEO will make all reasonable effort to issue as much of the funds raised to Black florist small businesses as possible. If there are funds remaining, AEO in partnership with the Advisory Board will determine how best to use the remaining funds to further advance the needs of Black florist small businesses.