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Why Create the Black Florist Fund?

The Covid-19 pandemic and systematic racism has created unnecessary barriers to gaining equity and getting access to capital for many Black entrepreneurs in the floral industry. The Black Florist Fund hopes to balance this inequity and provide valuable financial support to help Black-owned floral businesses grow and scale.


How Will the Black Florist Fund Make a Difference? 

The Black Florist Fund is a million dollar fund created to provide capital grants to for-profit Black florists and Black flower farmers across the U.S.  

Black Florist Fund grants will provide a necessary infusion of capital to assist these businesses with critical infrastructure and resources without being beholden to a bank. Important business needs include:

✔ Hiring staff
✔ Cover marketing costs to promote their business
✔ Obtain a delivery vehicle and florist supplies
✔ Meeting payroll
✔ Increasing inventory
✔ Opening a retail store
✔ Business training and education
✔ And more 

How Will the Funds Be Distributed?

Grants will be distributed based on funds raised, beginning in amounts of $10k.
Awards will be issued based on funds raised.

The Black Florist Fund is a necessity and came out of conversation with other small business owners about what we, as white entrepreneurs, must do to address racial imbalances in our communities. BFF can be used as a template in all industries to help rebalance power structures, redistribute resources, repair historical harms and lower barriers to entry by providing funds that aren’t accessible via typical banking systems.

Elizabeth Cronin

Founder & Creative Director of Asrai Garden and the Black Florist Fund

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Black Florist Fund Advisory Board

The Black Florist Fund is advised by a team of dedicated florists and lifestyle business owners.

Elizabeth Cronin

Elizabeth Cronin is the founder & Creative Director of Asrai Garden, a floral and lifestyle store known for stunning floral arrangements, luxurious fine jewelry, and magical curiosities. With two locations in Chicago’s Wicker Park and the West Loop. Recently, Elizabeth Cronin was a judge on HBOMax’s floral competition show Full Bloom.


Maurice Harris

Maurice Harris is a Los Angeles based artist who is best known as the visionary behind Bloom & Plume, a bespoke floral design studio located in Echo Park. Maurice is one of the most sought-after floral designers in Los Angeles and one of the most followed florists on Instagram. Harris’ clients include: Louis Vuitton, The Row, Goop, Opening Ceremony, Dior, Nike, Gucci, Valentino, Dolce & Gabbana, Warby Parker, MOCA and LACMA among others.


John Caleb Pendleton

John Caleb Pendleton, is the founder of Planks and Pistils. Originally from Grove Hill, Alabama, he has lived in Chicago for over a decade. He uses flowers to highlight Black stories. His work focuses on floral remembrance, adorning monuments to Black heroes and Black stories throughout the city.


Keewa Nurullah

Keewa Nurullah is the founder and owner of Southside Chicago’s Kido store, a clothing and lifestyle boutique for kids. Keewa won the official Black Wall Street Entrepreneur of the Year Award in 2021 for her exciting kids’ shop concept.


Eric Williams

Eric Williams is the owner of the The Silver Room, a Chicago Institution and brand whose mission is to create a global community through art and culture.


Some people just want to give when there appears to be a visible struggle rather than giving money to people who have cultivated their own agency and started a business…. Donations can be used for refrigerators, payroll, inventory and other operating funds that florists need to run their business…. Don’t just publicly donate, donate in private by sharing this with your friends, family, and companies you work for.

John Caleb Pendleton

Founder of Planks and Pistils and the Black Florist Fund

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About The Black Florist Fund


Asrai Garden, a Chicago-based floral and lifestyle brand, in partnership with the Association for Enterprise Opportunity (AEO), has launched the Black Florist Fund, a million dollar fund to provide capital grants to for-profit Black florists and Black flower farmers across the U.S.

DISCLAIMER: The inaugural fund for the Black Florist Fund is $1MM. If the $1MM is not fundraised, AEO will make all reasonable effort to issue as much of the funds raised to Black florist small businesses as possible. If there are funds remaining, AEO in partnership with the Advisory Board will determine how best to use the remaining funds to further advance the needs of Black florist small businesses.