Congratulations to Connie E. Evans, President and CEO of AEO, on being named PayPal’s second annual Maggie Lena Walker Achievement Award recipient. The award recognizes individuals who have economically empowered those in their communities.

As a visionary leader, astute strategist, activist, and social entrepreneur, who has founded three organizations throughout her long career, Connie is also a pioneer in the small business and microbusiness ecosystem.

When hearing about receiving the award, Connie Evans said, “I’m thrilled that I was selected as the 2022 Achievement Award recipient for PayPal’s second annual Maggie Lena Walker Award. Maggie L. Walker was the first woman – and first Black woman – to charter a bank and serve as its president in the United States. This award recognizes an individual who, through their career and accomplishments, has economically empowered those in their community – building on Maggie’s legacy.

It’s an honor to receive this recognition. As the winner, I plan to continue supporting small businesses and microbusinesses in the U.S. by facilitating small business grants and leveraging corporate partnerships to provide capital and technical assistance to help these businesses survive. Thank you again to PayPal, and to everyone who has supported me throughout my journey.”

PayPal supports Connie and her many accomplishments including the impact she has made as a catalyst for social change, economic development and community empowerment for underserved businesses throughout the U.S.

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