U.S. Readies Small-Business Grants as P.P.P. Nears End

Applications for the highly anticipated $16B Shuttered Venue Operators Grant will begin taking applications at the end of this week. On Saturday, the agency posted additional details on its forthcoming Restaurant Revitalization Fund, a $28.6 billion support program for bars, restaurants and food trucks whose sales were devastated by the shutdowns that states imposed in response to the pandemic. 

Source: NY Times 


American Express and Accion Opportunity Fund Partner to Propel Small Business Growth

American Express will provide a $40 million investment to Accion Opportunity Fund, representing the nonprofit’s largest investment to date. Over the next five years, Accion Opportunity Fund estimates this $40 million will help yield more than $125 million in loans for small businesses, help create or retain more than 10,000 jobs, and create a ripple effect of economic activity as funds flow through local communities and are repaid.

Source: Black PR Wire 


Tyltgo’s Same-day Delivery Platform Lets Small Businesses Compete with Amazon

Tyltgo wants to make it easier for restaurants and small businesses to compete with same-day delivery services offered by the likes of Amazon and HelloFresh. Tyltgo aims to become a part of every post-purchase customer experience for all retail trade categories, and that includes expanding into customer service, branding and transactions on top of delivery, all for small businesses.

Source: TechCrunch