71% of Microbusiness Owners Expect to Recover From COVID-19 Financial Hit Within a Year

Revenue is down for 75% of small businesses, but business owners are equally confident that recovery will happen within a year, according to a new survey by GoDaddy. The “2020 Global Entrepreneurship Survey” included 5,265 small business owners around the world and measured the impact COVID-19 on microbusinesses, including business operations, finance, recovery, technology, and charitable giving.

Source: Tech Republic


Empowering Communities to Feed Themselves in the Time of COVID-19

How the pandemic catalyzed food sovereignty groups to center marginalized populations and lift up neighborhood farming. Stories from NYC, New Orleans, Oakland and more.

Source: Next City


How a Small-Business Software Company Became a Top Forecasters of the Pandemic Recession

The San Francisco-based software company, Homebase — which helps small businesses with scheduling, hiring, and more — saw in its internal data that the lockdowns to contain COVID-19 were having a huge impact on its clients, leading to mass closures and slashing employee hours worked. 

Source: Business Insider


The How-To: Protecting Your Intellectual Property As A Small Business

A strategic handling of a company’s intangible assets can catapult small, local businesses toward greater global recognition. By developing and protecting their best-in-class technologies and products, they can establish themselves as market leaders and industry experts, thereby attracting a sizeable clientele.

Source: Entrepreneur