Federal Reserve Interest Rate Hike May Spark a Recession

As expected, the Federal Reserve raised benchmark interest rates by another 75 basis points in its ongoing attempts to stem inflation. While lending is expected to get tougher, analysts are more concerned the actions will lead to a recession. 

Source: CNBC.com


Americans Reveal Top Reasons for Supporting Small Businesses 

A recent survey revealed why shoppers enjoy supporting small businesses. The main reasons cited were personal relationships with owners, customer service, and helping the local economy. 

Source: GoBankingRates.com


Common Accounting Mistakes Made by New Entrepreneurs 

A solid grasp of accounting and an established system is a must. Here are the most common accounting errors made by first-time business owners and how to correct them. 

Source: Small Business Trends


Comcast RISE Program Grants $1 Million to BIPOC and Women-Owned Companies in Philadelphia 

Over 100 entrepreneurs in Philadelphia received a combined $1 million as a part of the Comcast RISE program that focuses on minority-owned businesses. The initiative provides grants, marketing services and technology upgrades to help small enterprises to grow amid a challenging economy. 

 Source: PhillyVoice.com


Best Twitter Accounts that Entrepreneurs Should Follow 

The best minds on running a business often share free and valuable insights on their Twitter accounts. Here’s a list of the best Twitter accounts for all entrepreneurs to follow.  

Source: 99 Signals