U.S. Black Friday Online Shopping Down as Consumers Return to Physical Stores  

This year’s Black Friday saw more consumers head back to physical stores as online sales decreased slightly from previous years. One reason could be holiday shoppers are hoping to avoid supply chain issues by finding gifts in-store rather than on their computers.  

Source: Yahoo! Finance  


16 Key Trends Small Business Owners Need to Know Now  

While many small businesses are focused on holiday sales in hopes of salvaging their 2021 season, it’s not too early for them to be thinking about key trends for next year. Recently a panel of business experts shared their insights on what trends entrepreneurs should focus on for optimal success.  

Source: Forbes.com 


Majority-Black Credit Unions Coming Back from the Pandemic Stronger Than Ever  

Majority-black credit unions have been underutilized in the past when it comes to helping fund small businesses. But with new backing from several major banks, these organizations are now able to help more worthy companies.   

Source: Next City  


Three Successful Pivots Leading to Small Business Success  

Many businesses made minor and major pivots in how they operated in order to survive during the pandemic. Here are three of the most successful pivots that any company can take to succeed.  

Source: Entrepreneur.com  


How to Work with Independent Contractors  

Independent contractors can be a viable workforce solution with talent harder to find and more people choosing flexible careers. Yet, it’s important to know the pros and cons when considering adding them to your staff, including financial and tax considerations.  

Source: Comparably.com