How Micro-Internships Can Help Underserved Students And Your Business

Investor Jeffrey Moss created an organization dedicated to giving students from underserved backgrounds an opportunity to distinguish themselves for positions after graduation.

Source: Forbes



Oregon Wants to Help Lenders Help Minority Businesses

The Oregon House of Representatives held its first hearing on House Bill 4033, which proposes a community lender loan loss account program designed with women and minority business owners in mind.

Source: Next City



Training helps returning citizens become entrepreneurs

Michigan tax payers pay $36,106 dollars annually towards incarceration. Oakland County Treasurer Andy Meisner is aiming to reform programs for returning citizens. 

Source: Detroit Free Press 



The Gig Economy has Ballooned by 6 Million People Since 2010. Financial Worries May Follow

Nearly a third of 1099-MISC contractors are age 55 or older. 

Source: CNBC 



In Silver Lake, a vegan joint tells of how the big fish of gentrification eat the little ones

In Los Angeles, the gentrifiers are being gentrified.

Source: Los Angeles Times