Federal Watchdog Group Issues Fraud Alert on $5.4 Billion in Small Business Covid Aid  

The Pandemic Response Accountability Committee (PRAC) issued a fraud alert claiming that the federal government gave $5.4 billion in Covid relief aid to small businesses with questionable Social Security numbers. The warning comes as the House Oversight Committee is set to hold its first public hearing on the matter.  

Source: CNN.com 


“The Black Excellence Project” Shines Spotlight on Cheyenne’s Black Entrepreneurs  

A new photography project in Cheyenne, Wyoming will spotlight the city’s Black entrepreneurs and business owners. The project aims to encourage more business growth and diverse culture in the state’s capital.   

Source: Wyoming Tribune Eagle   


Federal Reserve Raises Interest Rate by a Quarter Percentage Point to Fight Inflation

As expected, the Federal Reserve raised short-term interest rates by 0.25%. The raise was lower than previous hikes as inflation appears to be easing somewhat in the country.

Source: USA Today


How SMBs Can Help Employees Get Out of Debt  

With six in ten employees concerned about their household debt, SMBs can play a role in helping them improve their situations. This can include offering personal finance education and offering extra working hours.  

Source: BusinessNewsDaily.com  


Tips on How Freelancers and Entrepreneurs Can Manage Client Expectations  

Managing clients is often one of the most important parts of any freelancer’s life. Here are several tips on successfully managing timelines, payments, and more.  

Source: Small Business Trends