New York City Mayor Signs Executive Order to Help Small Businesses 

As one of his first acts as the new Mayor of New York City, Mayor Eric Adams signed the “Small Business Forward” executive order. The goal is to reform existing business regulations and ensure local businesses face fewer unnecessary fines and penalties.  



Landlords Look to New Options to Help Fill Office Spaces 

With many businesses closing or reducing the amount of office space they use due to the pandemic, commercial real estate landlords are getting creative to fill empty inventory. That includes allowing pop-up shops, studios for local artists, and digital advertising.  

Source: New York Times 


More Banks Ditching Overdraft Fees for Customers  

Despite being a lucrative source of income for years, many big banks are doing away with overdraft fees. This is to respond to competition from zero-fee financial services companies, placate government officials, and make customers happy. 



Wells Fargo Expands Resources for Diverse and Women-Owned Small Businesses in Wisconsin 

With its Open for Business fund, Wells Fargo is expanding resources for several Wisconsin-based organizations. A total of $2.3 million in grants were given to three non-profits and CDFIs to help provide women, Native Americans, and minority-owned businesses with greater access to capital.  

Source: Wisconsin Business 


How Small Businesses Can Meet the Needs of Today’s Hybrid and Multi-Generational Workforce 

With talented workers still hard to find for many companies, business owners must adapt to the changing workforce. That includes providing hybrid working solutions and realizing that different employees value work for a variety of reasons.