Stanford University Study Shows Latinos Are Opening More Small Businesses Than Anyone in the U.S.

Latinos are quickly rising in the ranks of business owners in the United States. In Nashville, TN, it is estimated that there are over 1,500 Hispanic businesses.

Source: News Chanel 5: Nashville 



The Hardest Easy Solution to San Francisco’s Small Business Crisis: Buying the Building

Buying your building might not be the easiest solution to push-out, but it may be one of the few ways business owners can fight back on gentrifications hold on Mainstreet. Especially in a market like San Fransico.

Source: Hoodline



3 Ways for Businesses to Embrace AI and Not Lose the Human Touch

AI isn’t just for large machine-like companies. This article shares why and how you should consider incorporating Artificial Intelligence into your business.

Source: Diginomica



New Orleans Barber Uses His Shop to Empower Local Community

Darrl Robert Jr. was a budding barber in his neighborhood until he went to jail for drug possession. While serving time behind bars, he realized that he wanted to turn his life around. Now he gives hope to those considering re-offending by giving them an opportunity. 

Source: News One



Salem, OH Ramps Up for New Entrepreneurial Initiative in the Coming Months

The city of Salem is working with Great Lakes Community Action Partnership to harvest local talent and grow business from within. 

Source: Salem News