Teens Filling Up Labor Shortage Gaps
With businesses of all kinds seeking workers, teenagers are helping to fill in the gaps for several hurting industries. With more teens employed at the highest rates in decades, some state legislatures are now considering changing child labor laws to expand working hours and timeframes.

Source: Quartz.com

Small Businesses Losing Out to Big Retailers During Supply Chain Crunch

With the holidays fast approaching, many small businesses are worried that Q4 orders placed months ago will never reach their shelves. This is because the county’s largest retailers, who can negotiate cheaper prices and better distribution deals, are securing their orders first despite current supply chain disruptions.

Source: Washington Post

SBA Administrator Guzman Announces Five New Regional Innovation Clusters
U.S. Small Business Administrator Isabella Guzman announced the addition of five new Regional Innovation Clusters (RIC) to the communities the agency currently supports. The geo-focused hubs – that combine small businesses, suppliers, service providers, and institutions – will focus on pharmaceuticals, agriculture, unmanned aerial systems, bioscience, retail, logistics, and food processing.

Source: Yahoo! Finance

Helpful Planning Tips for the 2021 Holiday Shopping Season
This year’s holiday shopping season is expected to see significant growth from last year, especially for small businesses. That’s why it's important for small businesses to plan now especially when it comes to inventory, marketing, and bookkeeping.

Source: Bankrate.com

Black Female Founders Share How They Fundraised Over $1 Million For Their
Black female business owners consistently face more challenges when dealing with the venture capital world. Seven successful business owners share advice and lessons learned on how they secured over $1 million for their companies.

Source: Business Insider