Latinos Will Drive Significant Growth for Local and State Economies

A new report reveals that if Latinos in the U.S. were their own independent country, their 2019 GDP would tie France for the world’s seventh largest economy. The data also points to the Latino community being a significant part of the U.S. workforce in the near future.


Small Business Advocates and Leaders Celebrate New Infrastructure Bill

A wide variety of small business advocates and leaders shared their thoughts on the recent passage of the Infrastructure and Investment and Jobs Act. Many hope it will help strengthen small businesses and entrepreneurs recently impacted by the pandemic.

Source: Yahoo! Finance

Using Retirement Funds as Start-Up Capital is Risky for Entrepreneurs
For some entrepreneurs ready to start their own business, using existing 401K funds as a source of start-up capital is a tempting option. Yet many financial advisors stress caution and careful planning before committing to this path.

Source: New York Times

Minority Business Owners Say They Experience Discrimination in the Rail Industry
Minority and women-owned business owners say they face discrimination and obstacles when trying to secure federal passenger rail contracts. A U.S. House subcommittee recently held an inquiry to review the issue.

Source: NBC