Vice President Harris and D.C. Mayor Bowser Focus on Women Entrepreneurs

Vice President Kamala Harris and Washington D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser visited a local woman-owned restaurant in the D.C. area to help bring attention to local businesses.. The Vice President also hosted a summit focusing on the challenges women entrepreneurs face and how the federal government can help.



Email Marketing is Bigger Than Ever, So Here’s How Your Small Business Should do it

Email marketing is more important than ever, especially for small businesses who rely up on it to build awareness, generate leads, and secure product sales. Knowing email marketing best practices and how this evergreen marketing platform is changing in today’s economy environment is crucial for business success.

Source: The Philadelphia Inquirer


Women Indirectly Hurt by Non-Compete Pacts

A new study by Cornell University revealed that women entrepreneurs are more likely to encounter negative results as they try to start a new business due to non-compete pacts that they were made to sign by former employers.

Source: Cornell University


‘No Work is Shameful:’ Immigrants Shape Michigan’s Small Business Economy

Immigrant entrepreneurs have been crucial to Michigan’s economic revival in recent years. Yet the pandemic hit many of these small business owners harder with some feeling a lack of support from state and local government agencies.

Source: Michigan Live


3 Things to Consider Before Investing in New Technology for Your Small Business

Investing in technology is a must for small business owners. Yet it is always important to determine what exactly a company and workforce need now, and in the future, to ensure that every new tech purchase is smart and justified.