9 Times Women Entrepreneurs Got Well-Meaning but Wrong Startup Advice

When starting out a new venture, many small business owners reach out to friends, family and even outside consultants for advice. While knowledge gathering is usually productive, sometimes the advice turns out to be less than helpful as several women entrepreneurs reveal. 

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Why Business Owners Can’t Forget the “Why” of Their Businesses

Despite the day-to-day obstacles and even out of the blue challenges, like the recent pandemic, businesses owners must always keep focus on the “why” of their business to achieve and sustain success. When times get tough, business owners can’t forget why they started the business in the first place.

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New App in Virginia Makes it Easier to Find Women and Minority Owned Businesses

Virginia Governor Ralph Northam announced the launch of “Start Small”, a new mobile app designed to make it easier to find women-owned and minority-owned businesses in the state.

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60% of Small or Micro Business Owners Will Require Employees to be Vaccinated

The Biden administration recently mandated that private companies with over 100 employees require COVID-19 vaccinations. But what about small businesses with fewer employees? In a recent survey, many of those owners say that they will also require vaccinations. 

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Small Businesses Turning to AI For Loans with Zero Human Oversight

For businesses seeking startup capital or loans to cover unexpected expenses, traditional funding sources sometimes don’t work out. That’s some why entrepreneurs are turning to new loan sources based on algorithms, not human decision makers. 

Source: Quartz.com