Community Ownership: The Transformation Challenge

Experts seek to help CDFIs find a balance between “affirmative remedies” that correct inequitable outcomes of social arrangements without altering the framework that supports them,” and “transformative remedies” which seek to restructure the underlying framework.

Source: Nonprofit Quarterly



How Credit Unions Give Digital The Personal Touch

Investments in digital banking have paid dividends for credit unions, but at the cost of personal touch. Social media just may be the cure.




Latinos Driving Force Behind Arizona’s Prosperity

Latinos accounted for almost 25 percent of new business owners in 2017 in the U.S. even though they make up just 18 percent of the population.

Source: Arizona Chamber Foundation



Why 78% of Financial Institutions Say They Struggle to Innovate

Innovation in banking today is less about size or in-house resources, and more about having the vision, agility, and infrastructure to succeed.



How CIM Group Plans To Spend Its $5B Opportunity Zone Fund

CIM, one of the nation’s largest opportunity zone funds will deploy $5B across Atlanta, Oakland, Los Angeles, and Dallas throughout 2020.

Source: BisNow