Welcome to Innovation Hub

The Innovation Hub is a mechanism for driving innovation through a combination of rich market research, outcome-driven convenings, and innovation-focused collaborations. AEO and its members and partners will lead in generating transformative solutions for the success of microbusinesses in the US.


  • The core mission of AEO continues to be serving underserved microbusinesses, and it will be achieved through the primary objective of spurring innovative solutions in the market
  • Boost impact in underserved communities


  • Inclusive approach to engagement with diverse market actors

action oriented cohorts will be organized around specific issues and supported by AEO throughout their lifecycle.

Why AEO’s Innovation Hub?

The Innovation Hub leverages AEO’s core competencies for spurring innovation to create transformational change for a more robust and inclusive marketplace for underserved microbusiness entrepreneurs.

Who can participate?

AEO cohort participants are key stakeholders around a shared and defined goal i.e. initiative. 

The graphic below is a sample of what we want to communicate. Please elevate concept, design and execution.

What We Do
  • Identify problems and opportunities
  • Gather intelligence
  • Ideation
  • Pilot
  • Share best practices
  • Go to market
Current Initiatives & Cohorts
  • Capital access – seek to address the high cost structure and capacity constraints limiting the quantity and quality of capital available to low wealth entrepreneurs 
  • Reimagining Technical Assistance – brings national trusted guidance in this area to you and the microbusiness owners you serve in a way that meets you where you are


  • Black-owned business – seeks to address the interlinkage of wealth, credit and trust gaps that constrain the start and growth of black-owned businesses.


  • Returning Citizens – seeks a national solution to engage and support this growing segment of the microbusiness sector