Policy News – February 6, 2019
February 6, 2019

The International Franchise Association has declared that an expanded joint employer standard has cost $33.3 billion per year to the American economy. This has increased lawsuits against franchise businesses by 93 percent and has resulted in 376,000 fewer job opportunities. IFA’s report can be found here.

On Thursday, The Education and Labor Committee will host a hearing on “Gradually Raising the Minimum Wage to $15: Good for Workers, Good for Businesses, and Good for the Economy.” Details on time and location are listed here. The Committee on Small Business will host a hearing on Thursday as well, exploring the challenges and opportunities of underserved businesses in the 21st century. More information can be found here. Finally, the House Committee on Energy and Commerce will host a hearing on “Preserving an Open Internet for Consumers Small Businesses and Free Speech.” Information on this hearing can be found here.

On Capitol Hill
Committee proceedings
House Ways and Means Committee:
• Today, a hearing will take place regarding the improvement of retirement security for America’s workers.

House Committee on Appropriations:
• Wednesday, Feb. 6th – Oversight Hearing: Impact of the Administration’s Policies Affecting the Affordable Care Act
• Wednesday, Feb. 6th – The Power of the Purse: A Review of Agency Spending Restrictions During a Shutdown

Bills of Interest
• A bill was referred to the House Ways and Means Committee to amend the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to make permanent certain provisions of Public Law 115-97, and for other purposes. (H.R.957)

• A bill was referred to the House Committee of Education and Labor to reform the GEAR UP program. (H.R.954)

• A resolution was referred to the House of Veterans’ Affairs recognizing the difficult challenges black veterans faced when returning home after serving in the Armed Forces, their heroic military sacrifices, and their patriotism in fighting for equal rights and for the dignity of a people and a Nation. (H.Con.Res.13)

• A resolution was referred to the House Committee of Armed Services supporting the goals and ideals of Black History Month and honoring the outstanding contributions of African-American Congressional Medal of Honor recipients. (H.Res.96)

• A bill was referred to the Senate Judiciary to jump-start economic recovery through the formation and growth of new businesses, and for other purposes. (S.328)

• A bill was referred to the Senate Finance Committee to amend the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to promote retirement savings on behalf of small business employees by making improvements to SIMPLE retirement accounts and easing the transition from a SIMPLE plan to a 401(k) plan, and for other purposes. (S.322)

At the Agencies
• U.S. Small Business Administration Administrator Linda E. McMahon released a statement in response to the U.S. Labor Department’s January 2019 Jobs report, found here.
Department of Labor:
• OSHA solicits public comments concerning the proposal to extend the OMG approval of the information collection requirements specified in the OSHA Strategic Partnership Program (OSPP) for Worker Safety and Health, view the full document here.
USTR: No relevant activities today
Commerce: No relevant activities today

Links You Can Use

For reviewing legislation and tracking appropriations: www.congress.gov
For reviewing proposed and pending regulation: www.federalregister.gov