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Resilient: Small Business Strengthening Local Economies will feature a wide range of speakers with diverse expertise in helping local businesses to launch, develop, and grow. AEO conference attendees are accustomed to meeting and networking with grant makers at AEO’s conferences, but 2020 will mark the largest showcase of funders ever at a single AEO conference. Attendees will have an opportunity to connect with lenders representing private foundations, corporate philanthropy, as well as impact investors. Our conference will offer thought-provoking, action-oriented content for every attendee. Check out the sections below to learn about the different types of sessions and themes that are in development. 


  1. SBA Microloan Training: AEO is proud to host the SBA’s Micro-loan Training Program. This two day event is open to all SBA microlenders and will provide training, best practices, and strategies for managing growth and creating impact.
  2. Trauma Informed Care: This Hybrid certification training is a pre-conference activity taking place on May 4-5th – with 1.5 day in person training in Houston, TX, as well as 6 hours virtual coaching – that will cover a review of the fundamentals of Trauma-Informed Care, how to build helpful, healing and respectful relationships, how to adopt trauma-informed strategies and more.


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