Meet the Team

Connie Evans

President and CEO

Erin Horne McKinney

Executive Vice President, Innovation & Strategy

Nou Vang

Sr. Vice President, Operations

Corey Briscoe

Vice President, Strategic Engagement & Communications

Manu Delgado-Medrano

Director, Research

Mabell Fernandez

Director of Innovation Programs


Marieka Walsh

Project Manager

Sara Youmans

Community Engagement Manager

Patience Misner

Research Associate

Germaine McIver-Cherry

Innovation Portfolio Manager

Brittanye Calhoun

Creative Strategy

Amber Dozier

Content Strategy

Ryan Kon


Durecia Moorer

Events & Marketing

John Stanford

Government Relations

Alexis D’Amato

Senior Associate, Advocacy

Geoff Kreller

Compliance Partner

Lauren Bodie


Jeremy Roman


Rob Borgovini

IT Support

Treasa Parakkat

IT Support