Former Secretary Jack Lew gave us an important data point. There are 8,000 declines each business day for people seeking business credit from traditional banks. AEO launched myWay to Credit after winning the first Innovation Award sponsored by the CDFI Fund at the U.S. Treasury Department. myWay is the first referral marketplace of its kind to connect small business owners that don’t qualify for traditional bank financing to CDFIs and a mentor. Now having reached a significant proof of concept, we are committed to scaling this solution as an independently managed fintech startup in order to be the leading source of small business loan applicants to CDFIs. With this commitment and working with our CEO, Craig Glee myWay to Credit will look to connect over 40 percent of the declines it processes from traditional banks to CDFIs and other path to capital services that can help these business owners close on approximately $250M in capital to achieve their business aspirations over the next two years.