What is Empower by GoDaddy?

Empower by GoDaddy is GoDaddy’s philanthropic and social impact program that equips entrepreneurs in underserved communities with the training, tools, and networks that they need to accelerate their small business.

The Story

AEO’s new Innovation Hub model uses the power of collaboration to help members achieve a deeper impact in their communities. Our partnership with GoDaddy combines our model and GoDaddy’s expertise for a more inclusive marketplace. Empower by GoDaddy expands access to digital marketing expertise to business owners from all socioeconomic backgrounds by preparing them with skills and information that equalizes the playing field.

Requirements for Participating Organizations 

Recruit a minimum of 50 small business owners to participate in, and fully complete the Empower by GoDaddy Program. Program participants will engage in online group coaching with GoDaddy experts.

Deliver the Empower by GoDaddy Program utilizing AEO and GoDaddy’s online digital platform from January to December.    

Survey and conduct strategic interviews of all participants that describe their digital presence. 


Collect standard feedback regarding program participants.  

Provide access to internet and technology (i.e. laptop or tablet) to ensure entrepreneurs can effectively participate in the Empower by GoDaddy platform,coaching opportunities, and products.

Participate in a virtual kick-off session prior to program launch.*

Participate in monthly conference call check-ins.*

Participate in a convening at the close of the grant program.*

*Appoint a project coordinator responsible for the noted requirements above.


As part of the Empower by GoDaddy program, organizations will receive access to curriculum and supporting tools to implement the program in their local market. The curriculum will come in two forms:


  1. Self-guide through videos, quizzes, worksheets, and forums. This will allow a more hands-off experience for the organizations as the entrepreneurs will guide themselves through the program content while having regular check-ins with the program administrator.
  2. PowerPoint decks, facilitator guides, and worksheets. This option is the high-touch approach. Organizations will receive and be trained on the content in order to teach the topics directly to the entrepreneurs.

2021 Courses

Evaluate Your Company’s Brand

This course is the foundation for all other courses as it helps you specify what makes your business unique, differentiating you from the competition, a message that your website needs to effectively communicate. This course integrates basic branding concepts.

Choose the Products Best for Your Business

This introductory course helps you understand the different components to building an online presence, and provides a walkthrough on how to evaluate which products are best suited for your business. It also provides an overview on best product management practices for domain ownership and hosting when others are helping you.

Build an Effective Site – Website Design

In this course, you’ll learn how to evaluate what information you should place on your site, helping you communicate your brand identity.

Build an Effective Site – Content Generation

This course provides specific guidance on how you can write web content that engages customers and boosts search engine rankings.

Get Found with Search Engine Optimization

Learn about SEO, best practices, content marketing and optimizing images.

Ecommerce Quick Start

This course will help you discover if you need an ecommerce platform and guides you on how to quickly launch an ecommerce site. You’ll also learn the critical components to running an ecommerce site:

  • Selling everywhere: An overview of different sales channels 
    • Figuring out your target customer
    • Determining your sales channel strategy
  • How to successfully sell through an Online Store
    • Designing your store
    • Marketing to your customers
    • Testing and Iterating
  • How to successfully sell through Facebook & Instagram
  • How to successfully sell through Marketplaces
    Reach Your Customers through Email Marketing

    Learn best practices to grow your business through email marketing.

    Meaningfully Engage Your Customers through Social Media

    Learn best practices for creating compelling digital content and building a social media calendar, leveraging free organic options. The course provides introductory guidance on leveraging paid online advertising options and explains how to identify appropriate goals for your investment in online advertising.

    Serve your Customers and Generate Sales

    Learn best practices and tips on how to create a world class customer service experience and how this asset will help you generate sales.

    Protect Your Customer and Yourself: Security 101

    If you’re taking customer information or payments over the web, you need to ensure you’re protecting the customer. Learn best practices and tips to keep your customers safe – as well as your SEO rankings, which will be negatively impacted if you run an unsafe site.