Small Business Owners Worries are Shifting from COVID to Inflation

With 62% of small businesses now fully open, there are new sets of concerns for small business owners. Over the past two months, concern about the cost of supplies has climbed. An increasing percentage of small business owners list skyrocketing prices of supplies as a major concern, which means inflation could be on the horizon.

Source: Axios


A Coalition of Small Businesses are Pushing for Tougher Antitrust Measures

Trade groups that represent small hardware stores, office suppliers, booksellers, grocers and others, along with business groups from 12 cities are planning to push their congressional representatives for stricter antitrust laws and tougher enforcement of existing ones. Members of the House Antitrust Subcommittee are considering legislation along those lines as they weigh changes to U.S. antitrust law, though no bill has yet been introduced.

Source: Business Report 


Yelp Adds New Search Filters for Asian-owned Businesses

Searches for Asian-owned businesses increased 130% in February compared to the same period a year ago, according to Yelp’s April 2021 Local Economic Impact Report. Now, the app that helps you locate local businesses has added a way for Asian-owned businesses to self identify which will in turn, let more people find their businesses.  Last year, Yelp added a similar filter for businesses to self-identify as Black-owned. They also created consumer alerts to caution patrons about businesses that have been accused of overtly racist actions.

Source: Restaurant Dive