Louisiana HBCUs tapped to connect Black-owned small businesses with help

Baton Rouge-based Southern University and New Orleans-based Xavier University and Dillard University are participating in a small business loan program through Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses and Hope Enterprise Corporation, which runs a Jackson, Mississippi-based credit union that specializes in lending and other financial services to underserved communities.

Source: The Advocate


Lawyers Providing Free Services to Wisconsin Small Businesses Struggling During the Pandemic

In Green Bay, Wisconsin, an uncanny business situation left a small business owner with slim odds of getting PPP funding. Local lawyers have been stepping in to help not only this entrepreneur, but Wisconsin small businesses at large. 

Source: WBAY


Interview: Which Small Businesses Will Thrive in 2021

On The Small Business Radio Show this week, Rhonda Abrams, USA Today columnist, has helped millions launch and grow successful businesses. “Is there a common thread that all small businesses have executed to survive and thrive in the pandemic? Rhonda says that last year’s pandemic was “almost an extinction level event for some small business segments like in restaurants.” Those companies that succeeded in surviving in 2020 “did something,” as Rhonda describes. Listen to the full interview and the article here.

Source: Small Business Trends