Black Female Small Business Owners Reveal Their Top Advice & Lessons Learned

Black female-owned businesses are among the fastest-growing in America right now, data shows.Black women are growing their businesses at that rate even with the odds stacked against them, including everything from lack of capital and funding to biases and lack of representation.”Good Morning America” spoke with seven Black female entrepreneurs who have launched a total of six businesses, with at least one launching during the pandemic.

Source: GMA


AT&T Business Continues Collaboration With Small Business Expo as Headlining Sponsor for 2021

AT&T Business continues its collaboration with Small Business Expo as the headlining sponsor for 2021.  The Small Business Expo is America’s biggest networking and educational event for small business owners and entrepreneurs. According to Zachary Lezberg, Founder and CEO, “We are incredibly excited to have AT&T Business return to work with us for a second year. Their National Presenting Sponsorship will once again be for our virtual expos — but we WILL be returning to live events beginning August 25th in Chicago.

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Santander Bank Presents Cultivate Small Business Program

Santander Bank’s Cultivate Small Business program is designed to help early-stage entrepreneurs working to build and sustain food-related businesses in emergent neighborhoods in Massachusetts. The 16-week (fully virtual) program is completely free to entrepreneurs and provides you with industry specific education, networks and mentoring, along with the opportunity to apply for capital grants for your business. Apply on their website.

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Idaho Hispanic Foundation Board Member Named to National Small Business Council

An Idaho Hispanic Foundation board member on Wednesday was named to the oldest small-business advocacy organization in America. Rebecca Oaxaca was recently named to the National Small Business Association’s Leadership Council. Oaxaca, a recognized leader in the small-business community, and will now alongside other small-business advocates from across the country; working to promote the interests of small business to policymakers in Washington, D.C. 

Source: CBS2