How 16 Initiatives Are Changing Urban Agriculture Through Tech and Innovation

hundreds of entrepreneurs and organizations are using urban agriculture to not only address hunger and sustainability, but to alleviate poverty and drive social inclusion in urban centers.

Source: Greenbiz



Senate Confirms Trump Pick for Small Business Chief

The Senate has confirmed Jovita Carranza to head the SBA. As Administrator, Carranza has vowed to put particular emphasis on opening more doors for minorities, women, and entrepreneurs in underserved communities, including military families and veterans.

Source: The Hill


Why Entrepreneurs Should Be Worried About Uber and California Assembly Bill 5 (AB5)

Meant to restrain the gig economy created by Uber and Lyft, AB5 makes it tougher for workers to be classified as independent contractors. it is likely the template for legislation to come from other states around the country, and small businesses will bear the brunt of the impact.

Source: Entrepreneur



Fed Study Finds Small Business Profitability Remains Flat While 57% Saw Revenue Increase

While revenues grew, the percentage of firms operating at a profit did not. The majority of respondents reported higher costs in the past 12 months, and firms that raised prices were twice as likely to earn higher profits as firms that did not pass on cost increases to customers.

Source: Forbes



Here’s How Local Government Can Help You Grow Your Business

Each year, cities and municipalities provide economic development initiatives to attract businesses. Across the nation, small business owners are working with their local government to grow their business. Here are several ways that your city can help you grow your business.

Source: Black Enterprise