Magic Johnson Makes Another Assist—to the Small Business Aid Program

Earvin “Magic” Johnson said his EquiTrust Life Insurance Co. will provide $100 million in capital to fund loans through the Small Business Administration’s Paycheck Protection Program.

Source: The Wall Street Journal



Treasury Eases Terms for Small Businesses to Convert Loans to Grants

The terms appeared to ease a requirement that businesses rehire a certain percentage of their employees in order to obtain forgiveness. This comes after many weeks of concern from recipients of the PPP loan about converting their loans to grants successfully when business is not back to usual.

Source: The New York Times



Gov. Evers of Wisconsin Introduces $75 Million In Grants for Small Businesses Impacted by Pandemic

The first program provides $2,500 grants to small businesses with 20 or fewer full-time-equivalent employees, the second program is called “Ethnic Minority Emergency Grants” and will provide $2 million in grants for ethnically diverse Wisconsin micro-businesses that suffered losses due to the pandemic.

Source: The Milwaukee Business Journal



Oklahoma City’s Micro Business Grant Keeps Doors Open

Businesses with five or fewer employees in urban renewal areas of Oklahoma City are eligible to receive a $10,000 grant. The program has $400,000 in funds available for businesses that fit the description.

Source: News 9



Facebook Launches Virtual Shopping Mall, Saying It Will Help Small Businesses

Businesses can feature items in their shops, advertise them to users, and communicate with customers through the company’s messaging services. Shops will eventually be integrated across Facebook’s apps, including WhatsApp and Messenger.

Source: NPR