Small Businesses who Pivoted to Make Masks and Hand Sanitizer Feel Hit to Their Bottom Line 

Though many small companies jumped in to help create needed pandemic supplies outside of their normal product lines, some are feeling the effects to their bottom lines as business returns to normal.

Source: NBC


Three Small Tax Moves Small Businesses Need to Know

With the end of the year coming soon, it’s important to be aware of new tax laws and strategies that can impact your financials. Being prepared now can help prevent unexpected difficulties when 2022 arrives.



Why Do Women Entrepreneurs Have to Work Harder Than Men?

Female entrepreneurs still face unique challenges when it comes to growing their businesses – from access to capital to confronting existing biases in their chosen field. 

Source: Women’s Wear Daily


Viewpoint: Congress’s War on Big Tech Could Hurt Minority Entrepreneurs

As the federal government seeks to regulate big tech, one business owner wonders if new regulations could have a negative impact on those business owners just getting started with their ventures.

Source: Atlanta Business Journal


Business Incubator Seeks to Build 25 Black-owned Businesses by 2025

Hutch, a new business incubator program focused on entrepreneurs focused on digital services and related industries is seeking to support more business owners with the resources that they need. Though currently based in Baltimore, the program hopes to scale on a national level very soon.

Source: Baltimore Fishbowl