Attention Small Business Owners

MainStreet RISE is Here to Help

MainStreet RISE is an extraordinary, new solution developed to help Main Street, small businesses survive, recover, and thrive during the COVID-19 shut-down and beyond. Think of it as life support at a time when you are struggling to find ways to save your business. The MainStreet RISE solution package is FREE because your community needs YOU to survive!

MainStreet RISE Helps Businesses:

Generate sales NOW… through the shut down and beyond.

Generate revenue NOW… when you need it most.

Build new marketing campaigns to consumer dollars when you reopen. 

Obtain new digital sales and marketing tools to revolutionize your business NOW; not years from now.

Get bookkeeping and accounting assistance to help you navigate the numbers because this is not business as usual.

Get mentoring and training to help guide you through how to access and use the MainStreet RISE Solution tools and develop new strategies for you business. 

MainStreet RISE Services

  • Must be a legal for-profit business entity based in the U.S., including Puerto Rico & Washington D.C.
  • Have a maximum of 10 employees or is a sole-proprietor
  • Have been in business for over a year
  • Applicant must be the business owner who is the Founder and/or leading executive (President, CEO, CFO, COO, or any such other similar title.)

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