COVID-19 Tools and Resources for Nonprofits

Nonprofit Finance Fund has compiled weeks of insights and helpful tools to ensure nonprofit’s success amidst COVID-19. Articles about the new normal for nonprofits and a cash flow tool are among many of the helpful links in this article.

Source: Nonprofit Finance Fund



Advice For Small Business Success From Gen Z Marketers

Two rising Generation Z marketers share business advice after founding a digital agency that helps businesses scale their e-commerce companies, run Facebook and Instagram ads, and implement email campaigns.

Source: Forbes



Coronavirus News: N.J. Launches $75M Business Grant, Loan Programs

The Small Business Emergency Assistance Grant Program will offer grants and zero-interest loans to about 3,000-5,000 small and mid-sized businesses across the state of New Jersey to stabilize daily operations and defer layoffs.

Source: Biz Journals



What the Great Recession Can Tell Us About the COVID-19 Small Business Crisis

Because of the stress that COVID-19 has put on small businesses, looking back at what helped business owners survive during the great recession and flourish after is a great case study for what to do today.

Source: Brookings



What Small Businesses Need to Survive the Coronavirus Crisis

Small businesses employ almost half of the private sector workforce in the US. These 3 steps can help small businesses take action to weather the storm to keep Americans employed.

Source: Harvard Business Review