Here is the FDIC Small Business Lending Report All Fintech Lenders Are Reading

The report predicts that if large banks and fintechs increase their decision speed, small banks may suffer adversely from the competition. Will the thousands of small banks team up with fintechs to survive?

Source: Crowdfund Insider

Business Women Build an Online Space for Female Entrepreneurs

Two West Coast entrepreneurs are teaming up to launch West Tenth, a Conejo Valley-based startup and phone app that aims to turn women’s overlooked home-care and personal wellness talents into at-home businesses.

Source: The Acorn

Impact Investing is Shaping the Future of the World

According to a 2018 survey by Morgan Stanley, 84 percent of respondents are considering or currently pursuing ESG (environmental, social, and governance) investing.

Source: Innovation Map

Square Capital Expands SMB Loan Access To Third Parties

Invoice2go and Square Capital announced late last week they inked a partnership in which Invoice2go customers can access funding from within the Invoice2go app.