Small Businesses Add Rising Inflation to Growing List of Issues 

Many small business owners, still fighting back after the pandemic, supply chain issues, and a lack of workforce talent must now deal with a new problem. Nationwide inflation is raising the prices on everything, making it hard to create or restock inventories. 

Source: Los Angeles Times 


Five Pillars of Advice for Early Entrepreneurial Success 

When first starting out, entrepreneurs become so focused on managing their business, profits, staff, and accounting that they forget to focus on themselves. Here are five pieces of advice for business owners for their well-being as they work toward their goals. 



Holiday Spending Projected to Blow Past Previous Records 

Despite earlier concerns about the pandemic and supply chain issues, consumers are expected to spend more than ever this holiday season. The National Retail Federation now projects November and December to see a significant percentage increase in sales. 



New Credit Card Created to Support Cannabis Industry Transactions 

Consumer cannabis transactions still must be done in cash per current government and banking rules. A new credit card, designed for cannabis dispensaries and businesses aims to streamline and improve these financial transactions. 

Source: Tech Crunch 


Technology Finally Leveling the Playing Field for Small Businesses 

The pandemic accelerated the use of technology across businesses of all sizes. Small and micro-businesses use tech like never before, yet data literacy and improving tech skills are crucial to continuing this trend.