Small Business Owners Take Action to Counter Rise in Shoplifting 

More small business owners are facing an increase in shoplifting incidents at their stores. To offset lost income, some owners are changing how customers can access merchandise and also raising prices on products. 



$28 Billion of PPP Loans to Small Businesses Still Unforgiven 

According to a new survey, over 350,000 Payment Protection Program (PPP) loans, many to small, minority-owned businesses, are still unforgiven. Many borrowers complain that technical issues and confusing guidelines are adding to the problem. 



What the End of Covid Tax Breaks Means for Business Owners 

Many pandemic-related tax breaks are coming to an end. Yet, business owners can save on their 2021 taxes by knowing about credits and deductions that can still impact their bottom line. 



Top Tips for Building a Team in a Challenging Environment 

Small business owners who wish to expand their team must make smart decisions during and after the hiring process. Solid outreach and onboarding practices can make all the difference. 

Source: Small Business Trends 


Two Entrepreneurs Look to Uplift Minority-Owned Businesses in Virginia 

A pair of Roanoke, VA based entrepreneurs will now work with the local regional business center to assist minority entrepreneurs and Latino business owners.