“Black Women Entrepreneurs, Not Banks, Helped Me Keep My Company Going During the Pandemic”

A Black woman entrepreneur shares her experiences of staying in business and staying encouraged during the pandemic, all thanks to the examples and help of Black women, both living and deceased. 

Source: Entrepreneur 


Epicenter helps get Black-owned businesses off the ground in Memphis

The Entrepreneurship Powered Innovation Center, known as Epicenter, has a special focus on making sure African American-owned businesses thrive. Epicenter has helped more than 1,000 entrepreneurs and 500 businesses since 2015. Sixty percent of those were African American.

Source: WREG Memphis


How Biden Can Get Closing the Venture Capital Racial Gap Right

During the campaign, Biden unveiled the specifics of his vision for closing the racial gap in small-business ownership and entrepreneurship. Now, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and researchers who have been thinking about the funding and entrepreneurship racial gap in the US for decades—and specifically the lagging growth of Black-owned businesses—are eager to see exactly how historic Biden’s effort will be. 

Source: Quartz


Small Business Enterprise Center Pursued in Northeast Iowa

Northeast Iowa RC&D was recently awarded a grant from the Arlin Falck Foundation to work with Winneshiek County Development and Tourism (WCDT) to identify a site for and to begin the development of a small business enterprise center in Winneshiek County.

Source: Driftless Journal


TD Bank Creates New Commercial Bank From Combined Services

TD Bank is unifying its teams for commercial, corporate and specialty banking to forge TD Commercial Bank, a new entity, according to a press release. Previously, TD Bank’s Commercial division handled middle-market, community and small business lending, along with deposits, treasury management and point-of-sale (POS) solutions. The commercial bank already had experience in restaurant franchises, nonprofits, medical and dental practices and U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) lending, now, it will also include the other markets that have been merged.

Source: PYMNTS