Leading Restaurant Association Asks Congress for More Covid Aid  

The National Restaurant Association recently asked Congress for more funding to help with the impact of Covid-19. Many restaurants continue to struggle with financial issues and staffing shortages due to recent Omicron surge.  

Source: CNBC.com 


More Firms Choose to Fund Black Women Entrepreneurs 

Venture capital funds and other financing entities are choosing to back black women-owned startups. Compelling product offerings and a lower business fail rate than the national average are the main reasons for this rising trend. 

Source: Black Enterprise


Several States Offering Grants and Funding for Small Businesses 

Small business owners in several states can take advantage of recently opened grants funding. New grants are now available in Connecticut, Indiana, North Carolina, Rhode Island, and Virginia. 

Source: Small Business Trends


Emotional Intelligence Can Help Emerging Entrepreneurs

Before someone chooses to start a new business, they should evaluate if they have the right mindset for what can be a difficult path. Having the right emotional resources is a must to achieve future success. 

Source: Fast Company 


Non-Profit Focused on Helping Returning Citizens Celebrates First Year of Success 

SWAGG, Inc, a Kansas City based non-profit focuses on helping returning citizens become entrepreneurs. The organization celebrated its first client recently leaving prison. 

Source: KHSB.com