Is It Time to Delay Your Small-business Tax Filing?

Extending tax returns is a very common practice, particularly for strategic reasons. Find out what makes sense for your business and why.

Source: The Philadelphia Inquirer 



Why PPP Borrowers Need To Be Aware Of This Key Date

Was your business approved for the PPP loan before or after June 5, 2020? Borrowers who were approved before June 5 can extend their loan repayment up to 5 years thanks to The Flexibility Act.

Source: Forbes



Black-Owned Businesses in Oregon Still Face Lending Inequalities

Businesses are often denied loans and capital for reasons such as not having enough credit, collateral or cash flow — things new businesses struggle with. The businesses that can’t access money are likely to plateau or succumb to the pressure of economic downturn.

Source: The Oregonian



Hispanic-Owned Businesses More at Risk of Permanent Shutdown During Pandemic

North Carolina’s Latino residents, in addition to experiencing disproportionately high rates of unemployment and infection from the COVID-19 pandemic, are also at higher risk of losing their businesses.

Source: Winston Salem Journal



Fintech Lenders Reacted Quickly to the PPP and Helped Save Millions of Jobs 

For the general population, fintech has mostly flown under the radar. When it has popped up into conversations, it was often for negative reasons but the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) has given fintech a national voice like never before.

Source: Lend Academy