Upcoming Dates for SBA Webinar Series

The regional webinar series, “Getting Back on Track: Help is Here,” provides entrepreneurs with information and resources to continue to recovering from the pandemic. The webinars will feature speakers from The White House, the SBA, Members of Congress, and small business leaders.

Source: SBA

New Jersey Microlenders Each Receive $200K Grant 

Ten lenders will receive grants of $200,000 through the Micro Lender Support Grant Program sponsored by the New Jersey Economic Development Authority. The $2 million pilot program is intended to provide grants to CDFIs, minority depository institutions, and other organizations that lend to small and microbusinesses to support the costs of scaling their operations and offering direct assistance to New Jersey businesses.

Source: RoI NJ

SBA Makes New Regional Innovation Cluster Awards

he U.S. Small Business Administration announced the addition of seven new clusters to the portfolio of communities it supports through the Regional Innovation Clusters initiative. The clusters are are geographically-concentrated groups of interconnected businesses, suppliers, service providers and related institutions in an industry that drive innovation and job creation and help grow the economy. 

Source: Haveredailynews

NCUA Charters New Credit Union

Community First Fund Credit Union in Lancaster, Pa. is sponsored by Community First Fund, a nonprofit community development financial institution (CDFI) that provides capital in communities where it otherwise might not be available for small businesses, affordable housing, and community development. This is the second charter granted by NCUA this year.

Source: Doddfrankupdate