Credit Unions Find Friendly Ground With FinTech Firms

For all the disruption that fintech firms have brought to financial services, they aren’t an adversarial force for credit unions. Rather, they are potential partners in filling the gaps in the service offerings.


Memphis Is a Model For Other Cities Seeking Minority-Owned Businesses Growth

Ten major U.S. cities have signed on to follow the formula Memphis has developed as part of “City Accelerator,” a program to help cities improve its policies and services.

Source: Local Memphis

What Makes SBA Loans So Appealing to Small Businesses?

The SBA loan program isn’t just one size fits all. There are multiple loan products you can qualify for, no matter what stage your business is in.

Source: Forbes

3 Trends Happening to Fintech That You Should Know About

With record amounts of investment flowing into fintech, this innovation train shows no signs of slowing. In the past couple of years, it has rounded a curve and started to branch off in interesting new directions.

Source: Entrepreneur

Small Business Group Alarmed Over Proposed Overdue Tax Raid On Bank Accounts

The NFIB decried a proposal that would allow Pennsylvania tax collectors to require state banks to identify accounts owned by businesses that have more than $1,000 in overdue taxes and to garnish those funds.

Source: The Philadelphia Inquirer