Industry News – March 19, 2019
March 19, 2019

Bank of America Pledges $50 Million More to Tory Burch’s Program for Women
Bank of America Corp. doubles its 5-year commitment to Tory Burch’s foundation and its support of women-owned businesses with an addition $50 million.
Source: Washington Post

When Banks Close, Digital Lenders Step Up to Serve Small Business Borrowers
When banks vacate lower income areas, it’s harder for prospective business owners to secure the financing they need. Fortunately, the digital revolution in small business lending helps to even the playing field.
Source: Forbes

Can Prevailing Wage Laws Also Foster Equity in Business Ownership?
Prevailing wage laws are a significant obstacle to Black-owned businesses. Unionized wages tend to be unsustainable for smaller businesses, as those owned by people of color tend to be.
Source: Nonprofit Quarterly

Deval Patrick Says Impact Investing Is Essential to Long-Term Value
In an interview, managing director of Bain Capital’s Double Impact Fund and former Massachusetts governor Deval Patrick says that investors must consider people and the planet, not just their financial returns.
Source: Chronicle of Philanthropy

Put on Your Rethinking Caps: Relationship Banking in a Digital Era
Movement toward digitally-enabled banking is unstoppable. Newly sophisticated consumers and business owners are driving this shift, and pushing banks to rethink traditional relationship management approaches.
Source: BAI