Supreme Court Ruling Could Affect Small Businesses

A recent ruling by the Supreme Court could have significant ramifications for small businesses. The court upheld the state law that imposed restrictions on a small business owner’s operations, indicating that it is within the government’s authority to regulate business practices. This case could set a precedent for future cases that could present legal challenges for small businesses and entrepreneurs as they will have to deal with states enforcing compliance regulations.

Source: Small Business Trends


Amazon Releases US Small Business Empowerment Report

Amazon released their annual US Small Business Empowerment Report that features the small and medium-sized businesses that they support with increase product sales and job generation. Per the report, over 60% of the sales from the marketplace come from small and medium-sized businesses and they created an estimated 1.5 million jobs in the United States alone. 

Source: Business Wire 


How AI Can Save Small Businesses Money

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is changing the way many businesses operate, but how can it help small businesses save money? AI technology can streamline operations by automating repetitive tasks, optimizing inventory management, aid in customer service with chatbots, and performing various other functions to improve efficiency and reduce expenses.

Source: Go Banking Rates