Federal Reserve Hints at Slower Pace of Interest Rate Hikes

Several Federal Reserve officials have hinted in interviews that the pace of current interest rate increases may slow down in the coming months. This change would allow them to gauge their recent actions’ effectiveness on the overall economy.

 Source: Reuters.com  


Small Business Group Asks Congress to Prioritize Anti-Trust Bill

A small business coalition is urging Congress to prioritize an antitrust bill targeting tech giants during their final session of this year. The bipartisan American Innovation and Choice Online Act, if passed, would limit large internet companies from preferencing their own services and allow more competition from smaller tech companies.

Source: TheHill.com


401 (K) Plan Options for Small Businesses

A 401 (K) plan is considered a key benefit to keep and attract employees. Here are various plan options and tips for small business owners on how to start and maintain them.

Source: Yahoo! Finance


Climate Action Plans Must Be a Priority

As climate change continues to impact the planet, entrepreneurs will be crucial in helping solve the issue in their communities. That includes sourcing sustainable supply chains and using recycled materials whenever possible.

Source: Time.com


Connecticut Governor Announces $9.8 Million in Funds for Women-Owned Businesses

Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont recently announced $9.8 million in funding to the Women’s Business Development Council, an organization that works to grow sustainable businesses. The funds will expand the group’s technical assistance programs for women-owned businesses throughout the state.

Source: The Daily Campus