Black Women Fastest Growing Entrepreneurs According to New Report

A new report shows that Black women account for 42 percent of all new women-owned businesses since the start of the pandemic in 2020. Many are choosing to work for themselves to use more of their skills and take control of their professional growth.

Source: The Columbus Dispatch


Mastercard Tie-in with “Black Panther” Sequel Shines Spotlight on Black Women Business Owners

Mastercard will spotlight Black women entrepreneurs through a multi-channel program tied to the upcoming “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever” film. The tie-ins will also serve as an extension of the company’s pledge of $500 million to initiatives designed to close the racial wealth gap in the United States.



How Employers Can Compete with the Gig Economy

With more professionals turning to the gig economy, small business owners find it harder to attract new talent. Flexibility and promoting a company’s core values are keys to overcoming these challenges.

Source: U.S. Chamber of Commerce


Small Businesses Must Learn to Navigate New Salary Transparency Laws

Salary transparency laws are taking effect in many states and municipalities across the country. Small businesses will need to be proactive to stay compliant and competitive.



Charleston-based Colleges Awarded Grant to Promote Women Entrepreneurs

The Medical University of South Carolina and the College of Charleston were recently awarded an Innovative Program to Enhance Research Training grant for $2.4 million from the National Institute of General Medical Services. The funding will be used to establish STEM coaching and resources for women entrepreneurs.