Federal Reserve Raises Interest Rates Once Again 

The Federal Reserve, as expected, raised interest rates by another .75 percentage points. This is despite increasing criticism that this latest move to curb inflation will instead stunt economic growth. 

Source: Yahoo! Finance  


Five Best States for Black Entrepreneurs  

According to recent Census Bureau statistics, five states provided the best success opportunities for black entrepreneurs. They included Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, Nevada, and Texas. 

Source: ThyBlackMan.com 


D.C. Mayor’s Office Partners with Investor Program to Support Black and Women-Owned Small Businesses 

The Washington D.C. Mayor’s Office recently partnered with SMBX to allow individuals to invest directly in Black and Women-owned small businesses. Companies can raise the capital they need while investors earn interest through a secure bond. 

Source: Washington Informer 


Deadline Approaching for New York State Small Business Grants 

September 30 is the deadline for New York state small businesses to apply for its seed funding program. This grant is available for those companies who did not earlier qualify for the state’s earlier Covid-19 recovery grant program.  

Source: Bronx News 12  


Utah Business Center Creates 5,000 Small Businesses that 93% Minority-Owned 

The Utah-based Suazo Business Center has helped create over 5,000 small businesses in the state. The center provides courses for entrepreneurs and assistance with securing loans.